Our mentoring programme allows the exchange of expertise to the benefit of those who seek help in building their business. Mentoring is a critical component of the development of the next generation entrepreneurs within Change Up @ Kennington Cross.
One of the primary tools for delivering the Objective of Change Up @ Kennington Cross is a tailored Support Plan. We aim for a high quality of support planning from our mentors and the involvement of clients is key.

Clients are given a support plan based on their current needs, enabling us to match the right mentor(s) to the needs to be addressed.

Our support planning is based on the understanding that each opportunity to assist has a clear purpose. The delivery of support should be planned in a way that suits the needs of the individual client’s and reflects their aspirations.

There is a diverse range of needs of clients that are varied and disparate. As a result the range of support varies greatly. Therefore there is no predesigned support plan, as we believe each client is unique.

If you could help by becoming a mentor to one of our clients, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page


Change Up @ Kennington Cross is designed as a hub or springboard to support clients from a highly mentored and subsidised employment model into independent living. 

At the hub, we design the package of support to be provided to ex-offenders and outsource some elements of it, notably the provision of employment and training, to third parties with whom it will have developed a long-term relationship.

The benefit for the partners will lie in the quality of the management of the whole package, including the management of provision of support and the associated system for initial selection of candidates. 

In particular, by establishing a course through the Change Up programme of activities which assists transition from  challenging circumstances such as prison to unsupported life (including, importantly, the management of exits) and by measuring results. 

Each employer/trainer will be able to employ ex-offenders safely and appropriately without having to create and run comparable systems of support, risk assessment etc.

Ultimately this allows Change Up the opportunity to provide employment in a wider range of settings, and a wider range of jobs than could be provided on-site; relationships with local employers which will give greater depth to the localism inherent in our vision as well as the possibility of spreading more broadly the message that ex-offenders are viable employees.

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Our Site

St Anselm’s is at the centre of the North Lambeth community and benefits from an extensive site including a suite of business units within the beautiful old church hall.

The site also boasts a community garden and a regular flower and coffee stall.

The congregation is actively involved in the community and the pastoral team have fantastic links throughout the community with people of all beliefs and backgrounds.

Change Up @ Kennington Cross exists to strengthen the community by further building on these relationships to the benefit of the most marginalised and to the maximum utilisation of the premises.

We have big ambitions to improve the site further to the benefit of all., including developing accommodation for our clients. If you can help us by funding this development, please do Contact Us to arrange a visit